v. & n.
1 tr. come into or be in physical contact with (another thing) at one or more points.
2 tr. (often foll. by with) bring the hand etc. into contact with (touched her arm).
3 a intr. (of two things etc.) be in or come into contact with one another (the balls were touching). b tr. bring (two things) into mutual contact (they touched hands).
4 tr. rouse tender or painful feelings in (was touched by his appeal).
5 tr. strike lightly (just touched the wall with the back bumper).
6 tr. (usu. with neg.) a disturb or harm (don't touch my things). b have any dealings with (won't touch bricklaying). c consume; use up; make use of (dare not touch alcohol; has not touched her breakfast; need not touch your savings). d cope with; affect; manage (soap won't touch this dirt).
7 tr. a deal with (a subject) lightly or in passing (touched the matter of their expenses). b concern (it touches you closely).
8 tr. a reach or rise as far as, esp. momentarily (the thermometer touched 90°). b (usu. with neg.) approach in excellence etc. (can't touch him for style).
9 tr. affect slightly; modify (pity touched with fear).
10 tr. (as touched adj.) slightly mad.
11 tr. (often foll. by in) esp. Art mark lightly, put in (features etc.) with a brush, pencil, etc.
12 tr. a strike (the keys, strings, etc. of a musical instrument). b strike the keys or strings of (a piano etc.).
13 tr. (usu. foll. by for) sl. ask for and get money etc. from (a person) as a loan or gift (touched him for pound5).
14 tr. injure slightly (blossom touched by frost).
15 tr. Geom. be tangent to (a curve).
1 the act or an instance of touching, esp. with the body or hand (felt a touch on my arm).
2 a the faculty of perception through physical contact, esp. with the fingers (has no sense of touch in her right arm). b the qualities of an object etc. as perceived in this way (the soft touch of silk).
3 a small amount; a slight trace (a touch of salt; a touch of irony).
4 a a musician's manner of playing keys or strings. b the manner in which the keys or strings respond to touch. c an artist's or writer's style of workmanship, writing, etc. (has a delicate touch).
5 a distinguishing quality or trait (a professional touch).
6 (esp. in pl.) a a light stroke with a pen, pencil, etc. b a slight alteration or improvement (speech needs a few touches).
7 = TAG(2).
8 (prec. by a) slightly (is a touch too arrogant).
9 sl. a the act of asking for and getting money etc. from a person. b a person from whom money etc. is so obtained.
10 Football the part of the field outside the side limits.
11 archaic a test with or as if with a touchstone (put it to the touch).
Phrases and idioms:
at a touch if touched, however lightly (opened at a touch). easy touch sl. a person who readily parts with money. finishing touch (or touches) the final details completing and enhancing a piece of work etc. get (or put) in (or into) touch with come or cause to come into communication with; contact. in touch (often foll. by with)
1 in communication (we're still in touch after all these years).
2 up to date, esp. regarding news etc. (keeps in touch with events).
3 aware, conscious, empathetic (not in touch with her own feelings). keep in touch (often foll.
by with)
1 remain informed (kept in touch with the latest developments).
2 continue correspondence, a friendship, etc. lose touch (often foll.
by with)
1 cease to be informed.
2 cease to correspond with or be in contact with another person. lose one's touch not show one's customary skill. the Nelson touch a masterly or sympathetic approach to a problem (from Horatio Nelson, Admiral at Trafalgar). out of touch (often foll.
by with)
1 not in correspondence.
2 not up to date or modern.
3 lacking in awareness or sympathy (out of touch with his son's beliefs). personal touch a characteristic or individual approach to a situation. soft touch = easy touch (see TOUCH). to the touch when touched (was cold to the touch). touch-and-go uncertain regarding a result; risky (it was touch-and-go whether we'd catch the train). touch at (of a ship) call at (a port etc.).
touch bottom
1 reach the bottom of water with one's feet.
2 be at the lowest or worst point.
3 be in possession of the full facts.
touch down
1 Rugby Football & Amer. Football touch the ground with the ball behind one's own or the opponent's goal.
2 (of an aircraft) make contact with the ground in landing. touch football US football with touching in place of tackling. touch-hole a small hole in a gun for igniting the charge. touch-in-goal Football each of the four corners enclosed by continuations of the touch-lines and goal-lines. touch-judge Rugby Football a linesman. touch-line (in various sports) either of the lines marking the side boundaries of the pitch. touch-mark the maker's mark on pewter. touch-me-not any of various plants of the genus Impatiens, with ripe seed-capsules jerking open when touched. touch-needle a needle of gold or silver alloy of known composition used as a standard in testing other alloys on a touchstone.
touch off
1 represent exactly (in a portrait etc.).
2 explode by touching with a match etc.
3 initiate (a process) suddenly (touched off a run on the pound).
touch of nature
1 a natural trait.
2 colloq. an exhibition of human feeling with which others sympathize (from a misinterpretation of Shakesp. Troilus and Cressida III. iii. 169).
touch of the sun
1 a slight attack of sunstroke.
2 a little sunlight.
touch on (or upon)
1 treat (a subject) briefly, refer to or mention casually.
2 verge on (that touches on impudence). touch-paper paper impregnated with nitre, for firing gunpowder, fireworks, etc. touch the spot colloq. find out or do exactly what was needed. touch-type type without looking at the keys. touch-typing this skill. touch-typist a person who touch-types.
touch up
1 give finishing touches to or retouch (a picture, writing, etc.).
2 Brit. sl. a caress so as to excite sexually. b sexually molest.
3 strike (a horse) lightly with a whip. touch wood touch something wooden with the hand to avert ill luck. would not touch with a bargepole see BARGEPOLE.
touchable adj.
Etymology: ME f. OF tochier, tuchier (v.), touche (n.): prob. imit., imitating a knock

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